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Event Recap: Locked In Summer League Week 1

By Top Notch Staff, 06/12/20, 9:00AM MST


Duke Brennan (‘22/Undecided) and his cousin Dillon Wilhite ’21 from Cathedral Catholic in San Diego dominated the glass in the first half, with Brennan finishing the game with 16 points and 9 rebounds, while Wilhite notched a double-double with 11 points and 10 rebounds.
Also very impressive was 2021 PG Ty Harper, with some big time finishes in transition. Ty has really improved his play making and shooting ability making him extremely difficult to guard. It is no surprise that Ty has now become one of the top guards in the country! 
2021 Guards Justus jackson and Christian Tucker were very impressive in week 1 Justus jackson is extremely explosive with a great mid range game. in week 1 he also showed his ability to make plays for his teammates and was also able to stretch the floor with his very impressive range. Christian Tucker has put on a lot on strength and has became a lot more explosive allowing him to score it in a variety of ways finish as the rim as well as giving guards fits on the defensive end!
the Locked in League high school division also had some high level talent. 2022 PG Oakland Fort (Sunnyslope | Team Harden) is the real deal, his IQ along with his athleticism easily makes him a top guard in his class. Oakland made some very impressive finishes and tip ins at the rim showing his NBA level athleticism. expect Oakland Forts recruitment to pick up as he continues to play at the high level he is
playing at.


2022 6-6 F Trey Phillips also looked really good in week 1. he is becoming more comfortable on the perimeter and is knocking 3s down consistently. His length makes him a very versatile defender as he is able to guard multiple positions and change and block shots at the rim. Trey's upside is through the roof making him one of the top prospects in the state!
2022 6'4" Guard Justin Shorts (Mellinum | Team Harden) played at a very high level in week 1. Justin does a little bit of everything and is now shooting the ball very well. His ability to guard every position and finish at the rim makes him a very intruiging prospect in the class of 2022. In week 1 he was able to score it inside and outside, the more he becomes a play maker the scarier it will become for his defenders. His college ready body enables him to be a very versatile player. 


2023 F Isaac Hymes continues to show growth in his game. in week 1 the young prospect showed his ability to make and create shots also showing strength and toughness ass he was able to bang with the best of them down low. Hymes IQ and skill set allows him to be a very versatile scorer and with his range at the 3pt line he is able to really stretch the floor. as he continues to grow and get stronger he will be a very special prospect in the class of 2023. 
extremely underrated 2022 PG Brandon Lee (Corona | Team Harden) also made his presence felt in week 1 of the locked in summer league. Brandon is a very crafty guard that always seems to be in the right place at the right time. he was able to cause defenders fits with his pesky defense also getting to the paint at will creating shots for his teammates as well as himself. Brandon's ability to knock down shots and play make for his teammates allows him to always put his team in a great position to win. 
another very underrated prospect 6'6" Guard Ringo Aguek (Ironwood | Team Harden) brother of Ajang Aguek (NAU) is quickly making people remember his name. when its all said and done in our opinion ringo will be one of the top prospects in his class nationally. Ringo shot the ball at a very high level off the catch as well as creating shots himself. his length allows him to rebound out of his area and also allows him to guard every position. Ringo had the play of the day dunking on his defender in transition. Ringo's brother is 6-9, as Ringo continues to grow and improve his motor he will be very hard to handle for years to come.